Hello we are Connie and Justin, glad you made it to our page! We started our @lowcarbdelights account, on Instagram, after Connie’s type one diabetes diagnosis. It has helped us keep record of low carb, gluten free, diabetic friendly, home cooked meals, and options we have when out on the town and while traveling. We have experienced the impact of a low carb lifestyle on our overall health and well-being. We created our website to provide a resource for others interested in a low carb lifestyle.

About Us 

Connie is a Food Safety instructor and Justin is a Physical Education teacher; we love our jobs, we love life, and we love food!! Connie loves to bake and Justin loves to cook…teamwork makes the dream work!!! We live in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park and are the proud parents of two dogs and two cats, we love traveling to Mexico, and we enjoy hosting BBQs for friends and family. 

Thank you for following our journey!!!